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jonathonjones commented Feb 28, 2012

At the end of the full run, it should tell you the overall status of your tests, and it should tell you which (if any) mutations managed to still get your tests to pass.

For example:

Mutant Results:

Passed  :  2
Failed  :  8

Improve the tests and try again.

The following mutations didn't cause test failures:

Mutating line 10
  subclasses = descendants >>> subclasses = nil

This is the way Heckle worked, but really any reporting would be helpful.


txus commented Feb 29, 2012

That's a great idea. The output right now is not the best part of Mutant :P
I'm keeping this open -- I will implement your proposed format :D (Unless of course you want to give it a try hehe)


jonathonjones commented Feb 29, 2012

If I get a chance, I'll put something together. I am really excited about this project - mutation testing is awesome!

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