Mutant is a mutation tester. It modifies your code and runs your tests to make sure they fail. The idea is that if code can be changed and your tests don't notice, either that code isn't being covered or it doesn't do anything. This is a rewrite on top of Rubinius.
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exe Move "mutant" binary to exe directory, so I can use "bundle install -… Feb 8, 2012
spec Empty hash assignments no longer make the mutation fail Mar 2, 2012
.rspec Setup a functional spec. Oct 30, 2011
.rvmrc Make mutant work on latest rbx, both 1.8 and 1.9 mode Feb 25, 2012
Gemfile Setup a functional spec. Oct 30, 2011
Rakefile moved Jan 27, 2013
mutant.gemspec Greatly simplify formatter using #to_source Feb 25, 2012


Development of this lib moved to mbj/mutant and was rewritten with more features and higher stability.