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@@ -12,16 +12,17 @@ Noscript only runs on Rubinius, so you have to install it (if you use RVM,
[here]( is how you do it). Assuming
you have it installed:
- rvm use rbx
- gem install noscript
+ rvm use rbx-head
+ git clone git://
+ cd noscript
You can run your programs like this, pretty standard:
- noscript FILE
+ ./bin/noscript examples/objects.ns
Or execute arbitrary code:
- noscript -e "123.inspect().print()"
+ ./bin/noscript -e "123.inspect().print()"
Use the `-A` and `-B` to show the AST representation and the generated Rubinius
bytecode if you want. Fun! :)

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