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-A Scheme interpreter in Ruby, developed as a personal project for the [Ruby Mendicant University]( Session 5.
+Schemer is an experimental Ruby implementation of the Scheme programming
+language as defined in the [R6RS specification]( Its
+goal is purely to experiment and learn from the various topics and issues
+involved in developing a language interpreter.
-##Developing a Scheme interpreter in Ruby
+This idea was born as a personal project developed for the [Ruby Mendicant
+University]( during its Session 5.
-The `gh-pages` branch serves as a static HTML platform for the ongoing tutorial/how-to called "Developing a Scheme interpreter in Ruby", which is developed in parallel with Schemer.
+Along with the implementation of the language itself, an interesting point of
+this project is also providing an [article series](, a
+tutorial about the paths taken and decisions made during the design,
+implementation and extensions of the project. Writing this series will
+hopefully serve both as a guideline for myself and for others interested in
+a sometimes over-feared topic, namely programming languages.
+To learn more, go to the [project page]( Or
+if you want go straightforward to the [Developing a Scheme interpreter in Ruby]( article series page :)

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