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Those are commands

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@@ -26,21 +26,22 @@ Example session:
* Integer: 2834
* String: "yuhuuuu"
* Array: [42,"foo",9999]
+* Hashes: (no literal representation)
-## Instructions
+## Commands
* GET [key]: Returns the content of a key.
* SET [key] [value]: Sets key to a value of any of the basic types.
* QUIT: Ends the connection.
-### Array instructions
+### Array commands
* APUSH [key] [value]: Pushes value to the array located at key.
* APOP [key]: Pops the array located at key and returns the popped value.
* AAT [key] [index]: Gets the array element at a certain index.
* ACOUNT [key]: Returns the number of elements in the array.
-### Hash instructions
+### Hash commands
* HSET [key] [hashkey] [value]: Sets the hashkey in the Hash object in key to a value.
* HGET [key] [hashkey]: Gets the value of the hashkey in the Hash object in key.

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