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Note about API keys, credits, bla

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# springpad
Command-line client for [Springpad]( Currently WIP.
+## Getting an API key
+To use this, even to run the tests, you need to be registered at Springpad
+(it's a free service) and also have an API key.
+You can [register here]( and [request an API key here](
+ They give them FAST (I
+got mine the minute after sending the form, no kidding).
+After that you have to create a `~/.springpad` file in a YAML format with this
+ password: YOUR_PASSWORD
+## Running the tests
+Once you have the config file in place, you just have to:
+ git clone git://
+ cd springpad
+ bundle install
+ rake
+You should see some serious green stuff going on!
+## Who's this
+This was made by [Josep M. Bach (Txus)]( under the MIT
+license. I'm [@txustice]( on twitter (where you
+should probably follow me!).

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