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#include <terror/bootstrap.h>
#include <terror/darray.h>
#include <terror/bstrlib.h>
#include <terror/runtime.h>
#include <terror/primitives.h>
#include <dirent.h>
VALUE Integer_bp;
VALUE String_bp;
VALUE Vector_bp;
VALUE Map_bp;
VALUE Closure_bp;
static inline DArray*
DArray *entries = DArray_create(sizeof(bstring), 10);
DIR *dirp = opendir("kernel"); // todo -- make it an absolute path
struct dirent *dp;
readdir(dirp); // .
readdir(dirp); // ..
while ((dp = readdir(dirp)) != NULL) {
DArray_push(entries, bfromcstr(dp->d_name));
return entries;
#define DEFPRIM(M, N, F) DArray_push((M), String_new((N))); DArray_push((M), Closure_new(Function_native_new((F))))
#define DEFVALUE(M, N, V) DArray_push((M), String_new((N))); DArray_push((M), (V));
static inline void
expose_VM(VALUE lobby)
VALUE vm = Value_new(ObjectType);
Value_set(lobby, "VM", vm);
// VM.primitives map
DArray *primitives = DArray_create(sizeof(VALUE), 10);
// Object
DEFPRIM(primitives, "print", Primitive_print);
DEFPRIM(primitives, "puts", Primitive_puts);
DEFPRIM(primitives, "require", Primitive_require);
DEFPRIM(primitives, "clone", Primitive_clone);
// Vector
DEFPRIM(primitives, "vector_[]", Primitive_Vector_at);
DEFPRIM(primitives, "vector_to_map", Primitive_Vector_to_map);
// Integer
DEFPRIM(primitives, "integer_+", Primitive_Integer_add);
DEFPRIM(primitives, "integer_-", Primitive_Integer_sub);
DEFPRIM(primitives, "integer_*", Primitive_Integer_mul);
DEFPRIM(primitives, "integer_/", Primitive_Integer_div);
Value_set(vm, "primitives", Map_new(primitives));
// VM.types map
DArray *types = DArray_create(sizeof(VALUE), 10);
DEFVALUE(types, "object", Object_bp);
DEFVALUE(types, "integer", Integer_bp);
DEFVALUE(types, "string", String_bp);
DEFVALUE(types, "vector", Vector_bp);
DEFVALUE(types, "map", Map_bp);
DEFVALUE(types, "closure", Closure_bp);
Value_set(vm, "types", Map_new(types));
DArray *filenames = kernel_files();
int count = DArray_count(filenames);
// Expose toplevel constants
// Load all files.
for(int i=0; i < count; i++) {
bstring filename = (bstring)DArray_at(filenames, i);
bstring path = bfromcstr("kernel/");
bconcat(path, filename);
debug("[BOOTSTRAP] Loading %s...", bdata(path));
Primitive_require(state, String_new(bdata(path)), NULL, NULL);
debug("[BOOTSTRAP] Done!");
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