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$ make examples
+## Debugging your TerrorVM programs
+TerrorVM ships with a debugger that you can use to debug your programs. The
+debugger can set breakpoint at specific lines and step through either high-level
+lines of code or low-level bytecode instructions.
+To use the debugger, pass `-d` as a second argument to `tvm`:
+ $ bin/tvm examples/functions.tvm -d
+The debugger will always show you the high-level code (in
+`compiler/examples/functions.rb`) so you know where you are at every point.
+The commands for the debugger are:
+ h: show help
+ s: step to the next bytecode instruction
+ n: step to the next line of code
+ c: continue execution
+ d: show the stack
+ l: show locals
+ t: show backtrace
+ b: set breakpoint in a line. Example: b 30
## Implementing your own dynamic language running on TerrorVM
TerrorVM is designed to run dynamic languages. You can easily implement a

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