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to_source is a reverse parser: it transforms Rubinius' AST nodes back to source code.
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Nuke all stuff below the notice.

@txus feel free to revert in case you'd like to keep it.
latest commit 19ca1b8eac
Markus Schirp authored
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bin Print ast in case of failure
config Refactor project boilerplate
lib Rewrite library in a better style
spec Rewrite library in a better style
.gitignore Add rbx 2.0 note
.travis.yml Do not execute 1.8 on travis for now Bump to version 0.2.10
Gemfile Use devtools from datamapper org
Gemfile.devtools Sync devtools
Guardfile Remove version option on guardfile
LICENSE Add notes about 1.9 mode and update LICENSE Nuke all stuff below the notice.
Rakefile Use melbourne parser and devtools
TODO Update Changelog
to_source.gemspec Provide dummy gem description


Development of this lib moved to mbj/to_source and was rewritten with more features and higher stability.

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