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v0.2.10 2013-01-7

  • [Changed] Rewrote internals compleatly, no outer API change
  • [fixed] Emit indentation of complex nested structures with rescue statements correctly

v0.2.9 2013-01-4

  • [fixed] Handle regexp literals containing slashes in non shash delimiters %r(/) correctly

Compare v0.2.8..v0.2.9

v0.2.8 2013-01-3

  • [Changed] Emit many times more ugly code, but correctnes > beautifulnes
  • [fixed] Emit break with parantheses
  • [fixed] Emit op assign and as "&&="
  • [fixed] Emit op assign or as "||="

Compare v0.2.7..v0.2.8

v0.2.7 2013-01-2

  • [fixed] Emit super with blocks correctly

Compare v0.2.6..v0.2.7

v0.2.6 2013-01-1

  • [fixed] Emit super vs super() correctly

Compare v0.2.5..v0.2.6

v0.2.5 2012-12-14

  • [fixed] Emit unary operators correctly
  • [fixed] Define with optional splat and block argument
  • [fixed] Emit arguments to break keyword
  • [change] Uglify output of binary operators with unneded paranteses. Correct output > nice output.
  • [fixed] Emit nested binary operators correctly.
  • [fixed] Emit element reference on self correctly. self[foo].

Compare v0.2.4..v0.2.5

v0.2.4 2012-12-07

  • [feature] Allow to emit pattern variables as root node
  • [fixed] Emit send with splat and block argument correctly

Compare v0.2.3..v0.2.4

v0.2.3 2012-12-07

  • [fixed] Nuke dangling require (sorry for not running specs after gemspec change)

Compare v0.2.2..v0.2.3

v0.2.2 2012-12-07

  • [fixed] Emit of pattern arguments with no formal arguments present
  • [fixed] Missed to require set

Compare v0.2.1..v0.2.2

v0.2.1 2012-12-07

  • [fixed] Emit of def on splat with block
  • [fixed] Emit of pattern args

Compare v0.2.0..v0.2.1

v0.2.0 2012-12-07

  • [BRAKING CHANGE] Remove core extension Rubinius::AST::Node#to_source (mbj)
  • [feature] Add support for MRI via melbourne gem (mbj)
  • [fixed] 100% Yard covered documentation (mbj)
  • [fixed] Emit most binary operators without parantheses (mbj)
  • [feature] Port tests to rspec2 and greatly improve coverage and layout of these.
  • [feature] Introduce metric tools via devtools
  • [fixed] Lots of transitvity edge cases

Compare v0.1.3..v0.2.0