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to_source is a reverse parser: it transforms Rubinius' AST nodes back to source code.
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to_source is a little Rubinius gem that enables Abstract Syntax Tree nodes to transform themselves into source code. It's the reverse of Rubinius' builtin #to_ast method. See for yourself:

some_code = "a = 123"
ast = some_code.to_ast
# => #<Rubinius::AST::LocalVariableAssignment:0x21b8
        @value=#<Rubinius::AST::FixnumLiteral:0x21bc @value=123 @line=1>
        @variable=nil @line=1 @name=:a>

# => "a = 123"


to_source needs Rubinius 2.0 to run, in either 1.8 or 1.9 mode.

To install it as a gem:

$ gem install to_source

And require 'to_source' from your code. Automatically, your AST nodes respond to the #to_source method.

But if you're using Bundler, just put this in your Gemfile:

gem 'to_source'

And just call #to_source in any AST node!

Who's this

This was made by Josep M. Bach (Txus) under the MIT license. I'm @txustice on twitter (where you should probably follow me!).

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