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GitHub Avatar Downloader is a NodeJS project that uses GitHub's API to download avatar photos and store them locally.
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GitHub Avatar Downloader

GitHub Avatar Downloader is an app that uses Node.js to consume the GitHub REST API in order to download user avatars. It is coursework from Lighthouse Labs.


  • dotenv for accessing GitHub API keys
  • fs to save the avatars
  • request for managing HTTP requests

Installation & Setup

Clone this repository and npm install to install the dependencies.

Prior to running, set your GitHub username and GitHub access token in a .env file in the project directory, using the included .env.example as an example:



Run the program using the format...

node download_avatars.js USER PROJECT

... where USER is any valid user (like ty2k) and PROJECT is a project belonging to that user (like github-avatar-downloader).

For instance: node download_avatars.js jquery jquery

Contact the Author

Tyler Krys made this to learn about web development.

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