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This is an Another World (Out Of This World in North America)
interpreter codebase. This work is based on:
- Piotr Padkowski's newRaw interpreter which was based on
- Gregory Montoir's reverse engineering of
- Eric Chahi's assembly code.
I cleaned up a lot of the code, removing cryptic hexadecimal notation
with meaninful macros name. I also cleanup a lot of the code so it has a
C/C++ philosophy instead of an assembly structure.
I also created a Visual Studio 2010 project.
Create a MacOS X project.
Add a different rendering path OpenGL support.
Release version: 0.1.1 (May 15 2004)
raw is a re-implementation of the engine used in the game Another World. This
game, released under the name Out Of This World in non-European countries, was
written by Eric Chahi at the beginning of the '90s. More information can be
found here :,2/gameId,564/.
Please be aware that, currently, this implementation may contains bugs and
non-implemented features that make it impossible to finish the game.
Supported Versions:
Currently, only the english PC DOS version is supported ("Out of this World").
Tweak the Makefile if needed and type make (only gcc3 has been tested so far).
The SDL and zlib libraries are required.
You will need the original files, here is the required list :
To start the game, you can either :
- put the game's datafiles in the same directory as the executable
- use the --datapath command line option to specify the datafiles directory
Here are the various in game hotkeys :
Arrow Keys allow you to move Lester
Enter/Space allow you run/shoot with your gun
C allow to enter a code to jump at a specific level
P pause the game
Alt X exit the game
Ctrl S save game state
Ctrl L load game state
Ctrl + and - change game state slot
Ctrl F toggle fast mode
Alt Enter toggle windowed/fullscreen mode
Alt + and - change scaler factor
Eric Chahi, obviously, for making this great game.
Gregory Montoir,
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