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If your name should be included in this file and it's not, please email us
so we can fix it. :)
This version is brought to you by the Angband dev team:
Andi Sidwell (takkaria)
Erik Osheim (d_m)
Elly Jones
Aaron Bader (fizzix)
Chris Carr (magnate)
Robert Au (myshkin)
Peter Denison (noz)
Previous maintainers:
Angband 2.9.0 - 3.0.6:
Robert Ruehlmann < rr9 at >
Angband 2.7.0 - 2.8.5:
Ben Harrison < benh at >
Angband 2.0 - 2.4 - 2.6.1 by:
Alex Cutler, Andy Astrand, Sean Marsh,
Geoff Hill, Charles Teague, Charles Swiger
Based on Moria, Copyright (c) 1985 Robert Alan Koeneke
and Umoria, Copyright (c) 1989 James E. Wilson
Many thanks go to the following people who have contributed patches,
bugfixes, and other stuff for Angband:
Peter Berger, Andrew Hill, Werner Baer, Tom Morton, "Cyric the Mad",
Chris Kern, Jurriaan Kalkman, Alexander Wilkins, Mauro Scarpa, "facade",
Dennis van Es, Kenneth A. Strom, Wei-Hwa Huang, Nikodemus, Timo Pietila,
Shayne Steele, Dr. Andrew White, Greg Flint, Christopher Jeris, Ian
Parkhouse, "Warhammer", Scott Holder, Brent Ross, Kazuo Ito, Willem
Siemelink, "Luthien", David J. Grabiner, Ilya Bely, "chungkuo", Kieron
Dunbar, George W. Harris, Joseph Oberlander, Paul Moore, Andreas
Tophinke, Leon Marrick, Peter J. Rowe, Wim Benthem, Jaroslav Sladek,
Keith Perkins, Hugo Kornelis, Pete Mack, Marco K, Frank Palazzolo,
Christer Nyfalt, Andrew Doull, Kenneth Boyd, Iain McFall, Kiyoshi Aman,
Christophe Cavalaria, Nick McConnell, Brendon Oliver, "Zaxx",
"theninja", "Twilight Forest", "jbu", "AnonymousHero", Stefan O'Rear,
"SilverD", Ed Graham, Tobias Franke, "rhinocesaurus", "Bron",
"Mangojuice", Chris Robertson, Joe Buck, "tigen", "Big Al", Paul Blay,
J. D. White, Rowan Beentje, "pelpel", Shanoah Alkire, Alexander Philips,
"mikon", "Antoine", "Irashtar", "roustk", Diego Gonzalez, Takeshi
Mogami, Julian Lighton, Aram Harrow, William Tanksley, Chris Ang, Dean
Anderson, Daniel Nash, David Blackston, Heino Vander Sanden, Mark Kvale,
Sheldon Simms, Topi Ylinen, "Gileba", Jeff Greene, Joshua Middendorf,
Tom Demuyt, Alexander Ulyanov, Alexander Malmberg, Chris R. Martin,
Chris Herborth, Craig Oliver, "DarkGod", David Boeren, David DeLaney,
David Kahane, Dennis Payne, Desvignes Sebastien, Ekkehard Kraemer,
Eugene Hung, HansJoachim Baader, Heiko Herold, John Rauser, Jonathan
Sari, Joseph William Dixon, Joseph Hall, John M. Kewley, Ken Wigle,
Keith H. Randall, Kevin Bracey, Mike Marcelais, Maarten Hazewinkel,
Peter Ammon, Peter Seebach, Randy Hutson, Scott Egashira, Skirmantas
Kligys, Steve Linberg, Silas Dunsmore, Tom Harris, Ron Anderson, Ross E.
Becker, Denis Eropkin, Torbjorn Lindgren, Lars Haugseth, Jon Taylor,
Roland Jay Roberts, "Sergey", "cb", Michael Pope, "hmj", Colin Spry, Ed
Cogburn, "Yendor", Thomas Dedorson, "Ewert", Rooslan S. Khayrov,
Thapper, "Max Stats", "SSK", "ChodTheWacko", "Zaxx", Jonas Lith, Jens
Schou, Daniel Santos, PowerWyrm, Edd Barrett (vext01)
Greg Wooledge < greg at >
Basic autoconf support, the original random artifact generator, and
various ideas for rebalancing the game including the new list of magic
Tim Baker < dbaker at >
Made the "easy patch" and organized the patches for the Angband 2.8.5 beta
Eytan Zweig < eytanzw at >
Many bug reports and patches
Jonathan Ellis < jonathan at >
Updated edit and help files; added tons of new monsters, artifacts,
vaults, objects, as well as a new player race, and rebalanced many things
John I'anson-Holton < jianson at >
Many bugfixes and patches
Steven Fuerst < sfuerst at >
Improved X11, XAW, and GTK code
"Bablos" < angband at >
Updated Amiga code
Chris "Derakon" Weisiger
Numerous contributions, including new Angband vaults
Matthias Kurzke < mawende at >
Ego-item patch and various code changes for the JLE patch
Keldon Jones < keldon at >
Improved Monster AI
Adam Bolt
16x16 tiles
Arcum Dagsson
Configurable artifact activations
Customizable player races, player history, shop owners, ...
Mark Howson
Improvements to the Amiga code
Musus Umbra
Improvements to the Acorn RISC OS code
Hallvard B. Furuseth
Many improvements to the autoconf support, code-cleanups, and tons of
Kusunose Toru
Various bugfixes
Eddie Grove
Bugfixes, patches and radical ideas too numerous to count (but in particular
for ID-by-use).
8x16 tiles
Brett Reid (Blubaron)
Windows PNG support and other improvements
The UPX team (Markus Oberhumer and Laszlo Molnar)
The UPX packer for executables <> is used to reduce
the size of the Windows and DOS binaries.
david3x3x3 and retrobits
Android port
LaTeX-based help file generation
Manual and documentation updates
Peter Ammon (ridiculous_fish)
Rewritten OSX main-cocoa interface
William Moore (MarbleDice)
Bitflag code and numerous other improvements and fixes during 3.1.x
Antony Sidwell (ajps)
Default point-based stat allocations, and numerous UI improvements
Gabe Cunningham
Mimics, refactoring of monster code, and bugfixes