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@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ certain leaves, but this functionality will be expanded as the CPUID
specifications provided by AMD and Intel change.


The build process is simplified compared to a plethora of other open source
projects out there. You don't need autoconf/automake or any of the headaches
@@ -25,26 +25,32 @@ And one of:

Depending on whether you have GNU Make or SCons, do one of:

$ scons


$ make

And you should have a new executable called 'cpuid' in a few seconds.


Since the usage will likely change over time, I recommend that you take a look
at the output of:

$ ./cpuid --help

Reporting Bugs

If you find a bug in CPUID, please submit details about it to the bug tracker
on GitHub:
@@ -54,30 +60,35 @@
If the bug is regarding the decoding or dumping of CPUID details, then you
should include the dump.txt and decode.txt generated with these commands:

$ ./cpuid -d -c -1 > dump.txt
$ ./cpuid -c -1 > decode.txt

You should also specify what revision of CPUID you are running. If you don't
know, you can find out with:

$ ./cpuid --version

Reference Documentation

You can find current Intel and AMD CPUID specifications at these locations:
[Intel Software Developer Manual volume 2A](

[AMD Processor Programming Reference](

I try to keep up with these as they change, but sometimes I'm slow on the
uptake. Please notify me if you notice any inconsistencies or if features you
find relevant are not being decoded.


I'm contactable via email and respond frequently.

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