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Makefile: add -lm for sqrt()

Signed-off-by: Steven Noonan <>
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1 parent dd27187 commit ea00581f25c5032ee0199315bbd2f186a3eacd8a @tycho committed Aug 9, 2012
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@@ -123,36 +123,36 @@ genprime-objc: genprime.m
genprime-c: genprime.c
-gcc -O3 -pipe -ansi -pedantic -Wall -S -o genprime-c.s genprime.c
- -gcc -O3 -pipe -o genprime-c genprime-c.s
+ -gcc -O3 -pipe -o genprime-c genprime-c.s -lm
genprime-f90: genprime.f90
-gfortran -O3 -pipe -pedantic -Wall -S -o genprime-f90.s genprime.f90
- -gfortran -O3 -pipe -o genprime-f90 genprime-f90.s
+ -gfortran -O3 -pipe -o genprime-f90 genprime-f90.s -lm
genprime-c-icc: genprime.c
-icc -xSSE3 -O3 -pipe -ansi -pedantic -Wall -S -o genprime-c-icc.s genprime.c
- -icc -xSSE3 -O3 -pipe -o genprime-c-icc genprime-c-icc.s
+ -icc -xSSE3 -O3 -pipe -o genprime-c-icc genprime-c-icc.s -lm
genprime-c-llvm: genprime.c
-llvm-gcc -O3 -ansi -pedantic -Wall -emit-llvm -S -o genprime-c-llvm.ll genprime.c
-llvm-as genprime-c-llvm.ll
-cat genprime-c-llvm.bc | opt -std-compile-opts | llc > genprime-c-llvm.s
- -llvm-gcc -O3 -pipe -o genprime-c-llvm genprime-c-llvm.s
+ -llvm-gcc -O3 -pipe -o genprime-c-llvm genprime-c-llvm.s -lm
genprime-c-clang: genprime.c
-clang genprime.c -emit-llvm -o genprime-c-clang.ll
-llvm-as genprime-c-clang.ll
-cat genprime-c-clang.bc | opt -std-compile-opts | llc > genprime-c-clang.s
- -gcc -O3 -pipe -o genprime-c-clang genprime-c-clang.s
+ -gcc -O3 -pipe -o genprime-c-clang genprime-c-clang.s -lm
genprime-cpp: genprime.cpp
-g++ -O3 -pipe -std=gnu++98 -pedantic -Wall -S -o genprime-cpp.s genprime.cpp
- -g++ -O3 -pipe -o genprime-cpp genprime-cpp.s
+ -g++ -O3 -pipe -o genprime-cpp genprime-cpp.s -lm
genprime-cs: genprime-cs.exe

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