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''gimlet -- HTTP/JSON API Toolkit

gimlet is a simple collection of tools for creating simple versioned JSON/HTTP APIs. It builds on standard library tools and components of gorilla (mux) and negroni.

The goal:

  • Allow developers to implement HTTP/JSON APIs by writing http.HandlerFunc methods and passing encoding/json marshallable types to simple response-writing methods.
  • Make it easy to define a set of routes with a version prefix, and manage the version prefix at the routing layer rather than in handlers.
  • Reuse common components as necessary, and avoid recreating existing tools or making a large inflexible tool.

In short I was writing a JSON/HTTP API, and wanted the above properties and found that I had written a little library that didn't really have anything to do with the app I was writing so I'm spinning it out both because I want to use this in my next project and I hope you may find it useful.

You can read an introductory blog post, if you like.