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kb: storage faq draft tweaking organzation

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@@ -48,15 +48,18 @@ page. If it's in RAM, then it works quickly (just swapping some bits
in the memory). The page will then be marked as 'dirty' and the OS
will take care of flushing it back to disk, persisting your changes.
+What are page faults?
Page faults will occur if you're attempting to access some part of a
memory-mapped file which *isn't* in memory. This could potentially
force the OS to find some not-recently-used page in physical RAM, get
rid of it (maaybe write it back to disk if it's changed since it
loaded), go back to disk, read the page, and load it into
expensive task, overall.
-What are page faults?
+What is the difference between soft and hard page faults?
What tools can I use to investigate storage use in MongoDB?

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