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Inline-Elements have to be closed and are automatically closed after two new line characters. They can intersect, in the produced html, everything will be allright. You can give parameters to some elements in square brackets directly after the open-symbol.

  • *...* : <em>
  • _..._ : <strong>
  • §...§ : small caps
  • >[...]...> : quote; parameter: source
  • $...$ : math (LaTeX)
  • `[...]...` : code / <tt>; parameter: language for highlighting
  • [...] : link, defined somewhere else (see [...]: ...)
  • [...|...] : link, defined here. E. g. [|Example]
  • {[...] ... | ...}: include media especially images
  • ^...: footnote / reference into bibliography

one line

These elements are closed by a new line character. If they are embedded into a normal paragraph they are pushed up to the beginning of the block. All one liner begin with a backslash (or a = for headlines).

  • = : headline (may appear repeatedly to increase the depth)
  • \[...]: ... : define a link, closed by one new line character. E. g. [Example]:
  • \@...: {"author":"Santa Claus", "title":""}: define a bibliography entry
  • \...: command turning off/on something or doing something else

one paragraph

These symbols may appear repeatedly to increase the depth. The compilation fails when list types are mixed in the same list (sublists are separated). Trailing whitespaces are ignored!

  • - : item in unordered list
  • # : item in ordered list


- blubber laber fasel
  this text is in the same item
and this text too!
- foo bar bazz
## Oskar kills Alice
  ## Bob kills Oskar in the same sublist
-# This is an item of the unordered list
# This should throw an error

blocks / more paragraphs

The elements opened and closed by these symbols are'nt closed automatically after one paragraph. You have to close these elements by hand and they must not intersect! You can give parameters to some blocks in the line directly after the opening symbol.

  • >>>... \n ... >>> : blockquote, source as parameter
  • $$$ ... $$$ : math
  • ``` ... \n ... ``` : code; parameter: language for highlighting


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