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Pull request procedure

Pull requests should be targeted at Rust's incoming branch (note that by default Github will aim them at the master branch) -- see "Changing The Commit Range and Destination Repository" in Github's documentation on pull requests. Before pushing to your Github repo and issuing the pull request, please do two things:

  1. Rebase your local changes against the incoming branch. Resolve any conflicts that arise.
  2. Run the full Rust test suite with the make check command. You're not off the hook even if you just stick to documentation; code examples in the docs are tested as well!

Pull requests will be treated as "review requests", and we will give feedback we expect to see corrected on style and substance before pulling. Changes contributed via pull request should focus on a single issue at a time, like any other. We will not accept pull-requests that try to "sneak" unrelated changes in.

Normally, all pull requests must include regression tests (see Note-testsuite) that test your change. Occasionally, a change will be very difficult to test for. In those cases, please include a note in your commit message explaining why.

In the licensing header at the beginning of any files you change, please make sure the listed date range includes the current year. For example, if it's 2013, and you change a Rust file that was created in 2010, it should begin:

// Copyright 2010-2013 The Rust Project Developers.

For more details, please refer to Note-development-policy.