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Azure Automation module that defines key (password) based Azure AD Service Principal connection asset and offers easier way to sign in to Azure using the service principals.
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AzureServicePrincipalAccount PowerShell Module

Module version history

Author Date Version Comment
Tao Yang 06/10/2017 1.0.1 Initial release
Tao Yang 23/10/2017 1.1.0 Added Get-AzureADToken function
Tao Yang 31/10/2017 1.2.0 Get-AzureADToken added support for user principals
Tao Yang 20/11/2017 1.3.0 Get-AzureADToken added support for interactive user logins (ideally for MFA-Enabled users)
Tao Yang 21/11/2017 1.4.0 Get-AzureADToken added support for passing in user name for interactive user logins (ideally for MFA-Enabled users)
Tao Yang 04/02/2018 1.5.0 Get-AzureADToken added support for certificate-based Azure AD Service Principals
Tao Yang 18/04/2019 2.0.0 Updated the module to use the new Az PowerShell module. Do not use this version if you are still using AzureRM modules.


The AzureServicePrincipalAccount Powershell module is designed to simplify the Azure Sign-In process within the Azure Automation accounts using Azure AD Service Principals.


By the default, the Azure AD Service Principal connection type provided by Azure Automation accounts only supports certificate-based Azure AD Service Principals. This module provides an additional connection type for key-based Service Principals:

When you are using an Azure service principal connection defined in your automation account, no matter whether you use the built-in certificate-based connection, or the key-based connection defined in this module, you can simply use an unique command to sign-in to your Azure subscription:

Add-AzServicePrincipalAccount -AzureServicePrincipalConnection $AzureSPConnection

Sample PowerShell Runbook


$AzureSPConnection = Get-AutomationConnection -Name $ConnectioNName

If ($AzureSPConnection)
  $Login = Add-AzServicePrincipalAccount -AzureServicePrincipalConnection $AzureSPConnection
} else {
  Write-Error "Connection asset '$ConnectionName' does not exist in this Automation account."


Get-AzureADToken is a generic function that provides a simplified way to generate Azure AD oAuth2 token for accessing various Azure resources. You access the help file in PowerShell:

Get-help Get-AzureADToken -Full

It is a known issue that when executing a runbook on Azure runbook workers, you cannot use a credential-based security principal (including user principals and key-based service principals). When using a key-based Service Principal, an alternative is to use Azure Resource Manager REST API directly (instead of using AzureRM PowerShell modules). You can use Get-AzureADToken to generate appropriate oAuth token for the REST API calls. The Azure Resource Manager REST API is fully documented here:

Note: this issue is documented here: and here:

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