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Additional parameters in New-HybridWorkerEventEntry:
- AdditionalParameters: Allow users to insert an array of additional
parameters to be added in event data.
- LogMinimum: When specified, only the Azure Automation Job ID will be
logged in the event data.
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HybridWorkerToolkit updated Apr 20, 2016


##Description This repository contains the PowerShell module HybridWorkerToolkit. This PS module is designed to run on Azure Automation Hybrid Workers. It provides various functions that can be called within an Azure Automation runbook when triggered on Hybrid Workers. These activities can assist gathering information about hybrid workers and the runbook runtime environment. It also provides a function to log structured events to the Hybrid Workers Windows Event log.

##Install Instruction ###Install from PowerShell Gallery Install-module HybridWorkerToolkit

###Manually Install Download this module from github, and place the HybridWorkerToolkit module folder to 'C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules'

###Download from PowerShell Gallery Find-Module HybridWorkerToolkit | Save-Module -Force -Path 'C:\Temp'

##PowerShell functions ###Get-HybridWorkerConfiguration Get the Hybrid Worker and the Microsoft Monitoring Agent configuration. a hashtable is returned with various configuration properties of Hybrid Worker and Microsoft Monitoring Agent. It retrieves the following information:

  • Hybrid Worker Group name
  • Automation Account Id
  • Machine Id
  • Computer Name
  • MMA install root
  • PowerShell version
  • Hybrid Worker version
  • System-wide Proxy server address
  • MMA version
  • MMA Proxy URL
  • MMA Proxy user name
  • MMA connected OMS workspace Id

Note: some properties are only returned when this function is called within a Azure automation runbook executed on Hybrid Workers.

###Get-HybridWorkerJobRuntimeInfo Get the runbook runtime information when executed on a Hybrid Worker. It retrieves the following information:

  • Runbook job ID
  • Sandbox Id
  • Process Id
  • Automation Asset End Point
  • PSModulePath environment variable
  • Current User name
  • Log Activity Trace
  • Current Working Directory
  • Runbook type
  • Runbook name
  • Azure Automation account name
  • Azure Resource Group name
  • Azure subscription Id
  • Time taken to start runbook in seconds

###New-HybridWorkerRunbookLogEntry Create a structured event log entry on the Azure Automation Hybrid Worker.

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