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Hide parameters if they are empty
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@@ -17,27 +17,39 @@ This entry has an exception. The backtrace file names are clickable and will ope
## Installation
-Add to your gemfile:
+Add to your gemfile **in the development group**:
-gem 'rubyception'
+group :development do
+ gem 'rubyception'
bundle install
-Add to your routes:
+Add to your `config/routes.rb`:
-match 'rubyception' => 'rubyception/application#index'
+mount Rubyception::Engine => '/rubyception'
-Open your app and go to:<br>
+Run your rails server and go to:<br>
Your log entries will appear on the rubyception page in realtime. You
must be using a browser that supports Websockets.
+## Using in Production
+Rubyception is not intended to be used in a production environment. If
+you need exception handling in production I recommend
+[Exceptional]( or
## Hotkeys
`up` or `k` Move selection up<br>
`down` or `j` Move selection down<br>
`enter` Expand selected entry<br>
`G` Go to last entry<br>
`gg` Go to first entry<br>
-`42gg` or `42G` Go to 42nd entry<br>
+`42gg` or `42G` Go to 42nd entry<br>
+`p` Toggles between inline and nested parameters view if you have a log
+entry open<br>
@@ -46,6 +46,9 @@ class App.Views.Entries.Entry extends Backbone.View
$(@el).find('.params .nested').html html
+ if $.isEmptyObject @model.get('parsed_params')
+ @$('.params').hide()
+ return
params = @model.get 'parsed_params'
html = params, (v,k)=>
"<span class='param'><span class='key'>#{@escape_html k}</span><span class='colon'>:</span> <span class='value string'>#{@escape_html v}</span></span>"

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