Not working with Rails 3.2.5 and Thin #7

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rails -v
Rails 3.2.5

thin -v
thin 1.3.1 codename Triple Espresso

In development thin just says 'Exiting' immediately after starting. In development.log I see only:

Could not log "sql.active_record" event. NoMethodError: undefined method `<<' for nil:NilClass
tye commented Jul 27, 2012

Thanks for the bug report. I'll be looking at the issue soon & releasing a fix.


Cool, thanks. Curious to see it in action.

gudata commented Jul 28, 2012

when using this gem with Rails 3.2.(6,7) + thin 1.4.1 thin just prints exiting... and quits

omenking commented Aug 2, 2012

I was able to replicate the error with rails 3.2.5 using thin.

This issue may have been related to compass issue we solved in version 0.0.3.
Would you go ahead and update your gem, and see if the problem is resolved?

RKushnir commented Aug 3, 2012

Installed the latest version from git and still the same.

firedev commented Aug 5, 2012

Same thing - thin just exits

tye commented Aug 9, 2012

Issue confirmed, it definitely doesn't work with thin.
Ill let you know as soon as this is fixed.

@tye tye was assigned Aug 9, 2012
@tye tye added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 9, 2012
@tye [Issue #7] Fix gem not working with Thin 8189cf4
tye commented Aug 9, 2012

Just pushed 0.1.0, let me know if there problem is still occurring for you

firedev commented Aug 11, 2012

Works fine now, thanks!

@tye tye closed this Aug 13, 2012

Works for me either, thanks!


Having the same problem with mongrel. Have not yet confirmed if it only occures on server-startup or randomly. Maybe something get's to early initialized ?

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