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Developing git greenbase


"Architecture" is an awfully lofty sounding name for a collection of Bash scripts, but here is the basic design of git greenbase:

The user invokes git-greenbase. It in turn sources each of the greenbase.* "helper" scripts. The configured CI provider is invoked (see the ci-providers directory) and the provider returns a hash of the latest green build. git-greenbase updates the refs for both local and origin/master to point to this hash, and the current feature branch is rebased onto master (if the branch is configured to track and rebase onto master).

greenbase.* helper scripts

Each of these scripts has been extracted into its own file in order to encapsulate an area of functionality as well as enable unit testing of the feature in isolation.

script purpose
greenbase.resolve_deps 3rd-party dependency resolution
greenbase.provider CI provider management
greenbase.opts command line options
greenbase.config git config management
greenbase.prep_environment preps important environment variables

script "injection"

Note that each of the helper scripts is sourced into git-greenbase via an inject function, which first attempts to load a script from an environment variable of the same name. If the environment variable doesn't exist, it will load the default script. This was done to enable mocking of helper scripts.

Risky business: This script "injection" via environment variable is a mild security risk, in the event that a nefarious foe is able to set an environment variable that points somewhere malevolent. I may add a make task that generates a release version of the script with everything inlined into one big script.


Run make clean to clear out the cruft.


Testing is accomplished using the BATS testing framework. All of the test files end in a .tests extension. The run_tests script just finds all those files and runs them with bats.


Run make test to run the tests.


Alternatively, run ./run_tests to run the tests.

Tip: To run only certain test files, such as those with "travis" in the name, pass a filter string as an optional argument to run_tests, like this: ./run_tests travis.


To see everything the script is doing printed to the terminal:

 export GREENBASE_DEBUG=true

Then run git greenbase normally.

Dry run

The -d option is great for testing changes without worrying that greenbase will start doing hard resets in your repo. :)

git greenbase -d