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tygron-connect is a project by a group of students at the Technical University of Delft, as a part of the second year's course TI2806 Contextproject. Students are expected to learn skills that are necesscary for software development projects for third parties.

The project deliverable is a connector between GOAL and Tygron's interface. This project is a part of context-virtual-humans, and is a part of the groups' shared objective of creating a virtual human for the tygron engine. http://www.tygronengine.com/

##Install instructions

  1. Download or build a tygron-connect environment.
  • Jenkins CI build
    Jenkins provides automatic building for this project. Download the latest jar with dependencies.
  • Manual build
    To build tygron-connect manually, run mvn deploy.
  1. This jar should be used as the environment in your GOAL mas2g file (example).
  2. Add a configuration.cfg in the same folder as the environment jar. The file should specify a username and password (example).