A very simple darts game for the Raspberry Pi console or terminal
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DJH Darts v1.0- Ty Harness Sept 2017

I built and tested it on the Raspberry Pi model 1B using the GNU C compiler.  
The code wont work on Windows without a little extra work on the source code.

Ensure you have the GNU C compiler installed. This is the default on the 
Raspbian distro of course.

Download the zip archive and unzip to a directory of your choice.

Open a terminal (or from the CLI), navigate to the
directory and type:


 and then to run the software by typing [by default the scoreing starts at 501]:

 ./DJHDarts [player 1 start score] [player 2 start score]

command line arguments examples:
 ./DJHDarts 101
 ./DJHDarts 501 301
 ./DJHDarts 301 301


Match Play mode :
Use this application as a method of scoring a 2 
player 501 dart match.  Press s to  suggest 
potential out shot finishes.

Game Play mode:
Starting from 501:
(The dart players score is randomly generated.)
Add the 3 the darts and take from score until
a check out is avaiable and then enter 3 darts
to finish on zero.  You must finish on a double.
e.g. a 3 dart finish:  170-> 60 60 50 [return]
e.g. a 2 dart finish:  58 -> 0 8 50   [return]
e.g. a one dart finish:40 -> 0 0 40   [return]

You can use setup darts but don't leave yourself on
a bogey finish.  If you bust or leave youself on 1 then
it's a no score.

Alas, There are no prizes or glory just a bit of fun.
I was watching the darts and the overlay screen graphics
had auto checkout suggest so I thought that would make
a nice little application.