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Ty Harness Chess Analysis Reporting Software version 2.

Written and tested on raspberry pi 1b only.  Should compile on any
Linux distro. but you'll need to tweak it for windows.  Mac??posix?? maybe.

It's a rehash of v1 written years ago just a work in progress
get it working on a raspberry pi.  I've took more out than
Ive left in.

V2  - dropped my old non standard file format and use

Added colour to the text.

Please note the code at best is clunky use at own risk.

Please improve it and enjoy your chess,

Ty Harness

Download all the files to one directory.  You may need to change
file permissions not sure?  sudo chmod  see man chmod

compiling with gcc:


mem leaks:
valgrind --tool=memcheck --leak-check=full -v ./thChessV2

To execute the software from CLI or terminal:

./thChessV2                       --- Help and options menu displayed on screen

or use the parameters

./thChessV2 3                     --- where 3 is the number of template pages based on white's point of view.
					you can add white as a 3rd parameter or black

./thChessV2 2  white              --- where 2 is the number of template pages based on white's point of view.

./thChessV2 4  black              --- where 4 is the number of template pages based on blacks's point of view.

./thChessV2 <testfile>.pgn        --- to load in a saved game and export ps file automatically as <testfile>.ps

./thChessV2 paul.pgn will export paul.ps in the same directory.

to print a postscript file 

lpr paul.ps    prints to default printer, see man lpr for options.