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PRPL is a lightweight library for building fast static sites. It does two things:

  • Interpolate your content into HTML files
  • Maximize your site's runtime speed with the PRPL pattern


  • Tiny HTML-based API
  • Zero configuration
  • Zero or near-zero module dependencies
  • CLI, CJS and ESM module interfaces
  • Define your own template syntax
  • Ship no client JavaScript
  • Works on Linux, MacOS and Windows


All the static site generators I have tried have one or more of these problems:

  • Built on an underlying framework like React, Vue, etc.
  • Relies on complex build tools like Webpack, Babel, etc.
  • Depends on a massive tree of modules that force constant maintenance
  • Has interfaces, source code and documentation that cannot be understood in one sitting
  • Requires that your site source be organized in a way that looks nothing like your output
  • Forces a huge leap from hello world to a real world implementation

PRPL is my answer to these gripes.


PRPL requires Node LTS or greater.

To clone the minimal starter and run it locally, run:

npx -y create-prpl@latest

Visit for full documentation, guides and design decisions.