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A BIP39 implementation in Go
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A golang implementation of the BIP0039 spec for mnemonic seeds


package main

import (

func main(){
  // Generate a mnemonic for memorization or user-friendly seeds
  entropy, _ := bip39.NewEntropy(256)
  mnemonic, _ := bip39.NewMnemonic(entropy)

  // Generate a Bip32 HD wallet for the mnemonic and a user supplied password
  seed := bip39.NewSeed(mnemonic, "Secret Passphrase")

  masterKey, _ := bip32.NewMasterKey(seed)
  publicKey := masterKey.PublicKey()

  // Display mnemonic and keys
  fmt.Println("Mnemonic: ", mnemonic)
  fmt.Println("Master private key: ", masterKey)
  fmt.Println("Master public key: ", publicKey)


Wordlists are from the bip39 spec.

Test vectors are from the standard Python BIP0039 implementation from the Trezor team:

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