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The code for the demo at my Scottish Ruby Conf talk

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Demo for the talk "Distributed Systems with Rack"

This is the complete code for my Scottish Ruby Conference talk. It demonstrates the idea
of having a website generated by multiple distinct and distributed services.  For the
purposes of the demo, we have a server application which assigns roles to computers that
connect.  In reality, you'd probably have a legitimate proxy server sit in front of the
clusters of nodes...

In our case though, we keep a list of clients that are connected, and which roles
they've been assigned to. When we want to generate a page, we determine which roles are
necessary, pick one of the clients from each role at random, and use Nginx to combine
the results into a single page.

Client Startup

ruby client.rb

Server Startup

nginx -c /path/to/distributed_demo/nginx/nginx.conf
ruby server.rb 9876


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