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A strong, independent CSS Framework. Only 2.7KB minified & gzipped.
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To use the CSS as is, you can install using npm or just download

npm install cutestrap


After cloning, you'll first need to install dependencies by running npm run setup.

After that just run npm start.

KSS will generate the docs from the kss-html folder. The dist folder is created from the src folder.


Contributors are welcome, just follow these few guidelines:

  • Avoid checking in compiled files (dist and docs folders) as this will reduce merge conflicts with master
  • Pass stylelint checks


All versions below 2.* are licensed under the MIT License, while everything after is GPLv3.

If you would like to use Cutestrap in non GPLv3 projects, you may make a donation to charity and I'll grant you an MIT license.

If you disagree, I'm open to discussion and we can talk about it on this thread where I've established my initial thoughts.

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