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PyCon2019 Click Tutorial

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PyCon 2019 Tutorial: Writing Command Line Applications that Click




This repo is a Python package. You will create a virtualenv and install the package which will install its dependencies and make new commands available.

  • Open a terminal / command prompt.
  • Clone this repo:
    git clone
    • If you'd like to save a remote copy of your changes, create a new empty repo at your source code hosting service of choice and add it as a git remote:
      git remote add personal $NEW_REPO_URL
  • cd to the root of the cloned repo:
    cd PyCon2019-Click-Tutorial
  • Create and activate a virtualenv using your favorite method and then install the package:
    • Recommended: using pipenv (installation instructions):
      • pipenv --python python3
      • pipenv install
      • On Mac/Linux:
        • pipenv shell
      • On Windows:
        • pipenv shell might give you a reduced feature shell. You should run commands with pipenv run $COMMAND instead like: pipenv run pycon verify instead of just pycon verify in the step below.
    • If using virtualenvwrapper:
      • mkvirtualenv --python python3 click-tutorial
      • workon click-tutorial
      • pip install -e .
    • Manually:
      • python3 -m venv env
      • On Mac/Linux: source env/bin/activate
      • On Windows: .\env\Scripts\activate
      • pip install -e .
  • Verify installation. One of the commands that's created by this package is pycon. You can use it to verify your setup was successful:
    pycon verify
  • Initialize tutorial. In the root of the repo, run tutorial init.


PyCon 2019 Tutorial: Writing Command Line Applications that Click







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