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What is Crysandrea?

Crysandrea is an open source avatar community engine written in PHP. Virtual shops, currencies, avatars, forums, private inbox, and bug hunting are just some of the features the code includes. It provides a foundation for those who want to start their own avatar community to build off without resorting to alternative bloated forum software.

Technologies & Requirements

  • PHP > 5.1.6, CodeIgniter as a framework
  • MySQL database
  • Apache (With mod_rewrite enabled)
  • PHP APC for caching.
  • Node.js + Redis for instant notifications. (Chirps) – Not required


Where are the avatar images?

The original avatar images were omitted for legal simplicity. Furthermore, we would encourage you to use your own images when running an avatar community.

What license is the source code released under?

The Crysandrea source code is released under the MIT license.

Is there an admin panel that I can't seem to find?

At the moment, there's no administrator panel. Any changes would need to be done directly from the database. We hope this'll change in the future.