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cli for interacting with github api
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cli for github api v3

1. install

curl '' > /usr/local/bin/

2. apply permissions to

sudo chmod 755 '/usr/local/bin/'

3. add aliases to ~/.bash_profile:

alias gitline='/usr/local/bin/'

alias gl='/usr/local/bin/'

4. setup a github personal access token



repo [x]

repo:status [x]

repo_deployment [x]

public_repo [x]

gist [x]

user [x]

user:email [x]

user:follow [x]

5. setup gitline config options

you can set any number of options in any order. token: personal access token created in step 4. owner: user or organisation repo: repo name

gitline --token=[token] --owner=[owner] --repo=[repo] --username=[your username] --qausername[qa username]

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