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== Complex Forms Example
- ApplicationHelper
has replacements for Pat Shaugnessey's original
add_child_link and remove_child_link methods.
- nested_fields.js
contains the javascript necessary for the client-side.
- within the views
The only changes from the previous complex forms example is that the
- #item_children has been replaced with .item_children.
- The javascript assumes that each collection is within a div.child,
(I can't remember whether it was that way to begin with)
TODO: Figure out how to extend FormBuilder so that text_field_with_auto_complete
can be called as a method of the form_builder object.
Complex forms on a HABTM association.
Using code borrowed from Pat (, whose view_mapper
finally taught this hobbyist hacker to write forms.
Grab the example:
git clone git://
bundle install
rails generate anaf_habtm
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