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toastr is a Javascript library for Gnome / Growl type non-blocking notifications. jQuery is required. The goal is to create a simple core library that can be customized and extended.

Current Version



Demo can be found at

Quick start

###3 Easy Steps For other API calls, see the demo.

  1. update gemfile: gem 'toastr-rails'

  2. Add toastr to application.css and application.js:

    *= require toastr

    //= require toastr

  3. use toastr to display a toast for info, success, warning or error

     // Display an info toast with no title'Are you the 6 fingered man?')

Other Options

// Display a warning toast, with no title
toastr.warning('My name is Inigo Montoya. You Killed my father, prepare to die!')

// Display a success toast, with a title
toastr.success('Have fun storming the castle!', 'Miracle Max Says')

// Display an error toast, with a title
toastr.error('I do not think that word means what you tink it means.', 'Inconceivable!')


Hans Fjällemark

John Papa


Inspired by


Copyright © 2013 Hans Fjällemark & John Papa.


toastr is under MIT license -

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