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jQuery Drag and Drop sort

Opinionated drag and drop sorting using native drag and drop support.


$('ul').dragsort({ dropCallback: function () { // Dragged, dropped } });


  • draggableEl: 'li' - All elements of this type that are children of the element that dragsort is applied to will be draggable.
  • ignoreClass: 'non-draggable' - Any of the draggable elements with this class will not be draggable or droppable.
  • draggingClass: 'dragging' - This class will be applied to an element when it is being dragged.
  • overClass: 'over' - This class will be applied to an element when the dragged element is on top of it, ready to be dropped.
  • dropCallback: $.noop - This function will be called each time an element is dragged and dropped in a new location.

What's opinionated about it?

  • It only supports the move drag effect
  • Probably some other stuff

Why not just used the native Drag and Drop by itself?

  • Using jQuery makes it easier to do things.
  • Most importantly, the native DnD does sorting weird. When using the copy drag effect, when one element is dragged and dropped on another, the two elements swap places. For example if you had a list (1, 2, 3, 4) and you dragged 3 to 1 the new order would be (3, 2, 1, 4). That feels really strange. With the same drag and drop, dragsort will give the following order (3, 1, 2, 4).
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