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Simple REST API for image color analysis
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Rust Color Analyzer

Simple REST API for image color analysis.

This is a first attempt at using Rust, and largely a learning experience. Please feel free to contribute and teach me a few things.


Feel free to test out the project here


  • Submit a hosted URL or file upload at upload page
  • Allows for image url submission at predict endpoint
  • Allows for form data submission at submit endpoint
  • Parses base hex colors from server/src/colors.json
  • Output ordered list of colors based on individual pixel analysis
  • Runs on GAE Flexible custom runtime
  • UI Option to predict based on middle of image (middle 50% of pixels)

Up and Running

docker build -t color_analyzer .
docker build -t color_analyzer_dev -f .
docker run -id -p 8080:8080 -v $(pwd)/server:/usr/src/app --name color color_analyzer_dev

Running test suite

docker exec -it color cargo test


docker tag color_analyzer:latest
gcloud auth configure-docker
docker push
gcloud app deploy app.yaml


  • Add K-NN approach for determining dominant color
  • Run all prediction operations asynchronously
  • Explore Luma color pixels as an options
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