A custom iOS status bar overlay seen in Apps like Reeder
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Read Me

This class provides a custom iOS status bar overlay window known from Apps like Reeder.

Reeder Status Bar on Flickr

It currently supports touch-handling to shrink and expand and also black and gray status bar styles.

You can use the custom status bar like this:

 MTStatusBarOverlay overlay = [MTStatusBarOverlay sharedInstance];   
 overlay.animation = MTStatusBarOverlayAnimationShrink;
 [overlay showWithMessage:@"Following @myell0w on Twitter..."]; 
 // ...
 [overlay showWithMessage:@"Following myell0w on Github..."];  
 // ...
 [overlay finishWithMessage:@"Following was a good idea!" duration:2.0];

if you call showWithMessage when the custom status bar is already visible, the new text is set animated.

Known Limitations:

  • During animation of new text, the custom status bar can't be shrinked.
  • Device-Rotation currently only works on iPhone, not iPad
  • Only MTStatusBarOverlayAnimationShrink is currently implemented