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PHP-Growl is an implementation of the Growl notification system written in PHP.

As a proof of concept example, I've written a Mint Pepper plugin that notifies you whenever certain events (like new referrals, unique visitors, etc) happen on your website. It's a slick way to stay on top of who is visiting your site. You can download Growl Pepper here.


    $connection = array('address' => '', 'password' => 'password');
    $growl = new Growl();

    // Adding and registering your notifications with Growl
    // only needs to be done once per computer. Growl will
    // remember your app after this.
    $growl->addNotification('Notification Name');
    $growl->addNotification('Another Notification');

    // Send a notification
    $growl->notify($connection, 'Notification Name', 'Some Title', 'Some message to display');

    // Send a second notification
    $growl->notify($connection, 'Another Notification', 'Another Title', 'Something useful I hope.');

To configure Growl to use fsock instead of socket functions you can define a constant:

define('GROWL_SOCK', 'fsock');