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The Simple PHP Framework

The Simple PHP Framework is a pragmatic approach for developing websites with PHP 5. Our target audience are web design shops who need to get projects off the ground quickly and individual programmers who just don’t care or need to use any one of the many large, cumbersome, MVC frameworks floating around.

Our approach is simple, fast, and effective. If you’re looking for a framework that will hold your hand, generate code, and wrap everything inside a happy little object then you should look elsewhere. But if you want a framework that will get rid of the grunt work and get out of your way, you’ve found it. Welcome.

Project History

The files and classes that follow are the base framework that all of my websites are built with. I’ve been using this code base for over three years across fifty different projects — both personal and professional. They provide a quick starting point and do a lot of the grunt work associated with building websites for clients — user authentication, database calls, RSS feeds, etc.

These files weren’t created overnight. I didn’t just sit down and decide to build yet another PHP framework. They’re the natural evolution of my own programming methods over the last few years.

In creating this framework I’ve tried to walk a fine line and not overload it with features that most people won’t use. I’ve done my best to keep it as minimal as possible yet still allow plenty of flexibility.

This framework isn’t designed to build websites for you. There are plenty out there that already try to do that. It’s designed to help you build websites.

“All the web frameworks in the world won’t turn a shitty programmer into a good one. —uncov

I hope this approach encourages people to dig into the code and see how it works — find its strengths and weaknesses — rather than blindly relying on the work of someone else.