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Project 10: Geography, and the World Wide Web


  • Dec 2: Fixed small bug as found in this piazza post, thanks for finding it! You might want to re-download if you are having issues with it.
  • Note: If you have experienced problems with the linter, please re-download a newer version here.


For your final CS 301 project, you're going to analyze the whole world!

Specifically, you're going to study various statistics for 174 countries, answering questions such as: what is the correlation between a country's literacy rate and GDP?

To start, download and expected.html. You'll also need to download (see linter documentation under "Testing" below). Do not download any data files manually (you must write Python code to download these automatically). You'll do all your work in a main.ipynb.


For this project, you'll be using one large JSON file with statistics about 174 countries adapted from here. and you will also extract data from a snapshot of this page.

First check these resources:

Some of the columns require a little extra explanation:

  • area: measured in square miles
  • coastline: ratio of coast to area
  • birth-rate: births per 1000 people per year
  • death-rate: deaths per 1000 people per year
  • infant-mortality: per 1000 births
  • literacy: (out of 100%)
  • phones: number of phone per 1000 people


For answers involving a DataFrame, compares your tables to those in expected.html, so take a moment to open that file in your browser. doesn't care if you have extra rows or columns, and it doesn't care about the order of the rows or columns. However, you must have the correct values at each index/column location shown in expected.html.

For P10, is pickier than it has been. In addition to checking for incorrect answers, it will also check for a few common kinds of bad coding style. You should look for linting messages at the bottom of the output, for example:

Linting Summary:
  Warning Messages:
    cell: 1, line: 4 - Redefining built-in 'id'
    cell: 1, line: 3 - Reimport 'numpy' (imported line 2)
    cell: 1, line: 5 - Unnecessary pass statement
    cell: 1, line: 2 - Unused import numpy 

In this case, will deduct 1 point per linter message because of bad style, and at most deduct 10 points. For more information about the linter as well as how to run the full linter to see all of the automatically generated advice and feedback, please check out the linting README.

The Stages

  • Stage 1: scrape some data files and answer some geography questions
  • Stage 2: query a DB and generate some plots (not released yet!)
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