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- Respect the start_key in get_range. Resolves Issue #127.
- Fix issue with differences in gemspec and what is required. Resolves Issue #125.
- Update to Cassandra 0.8.7 and 1.0.2.
- Fix issue with simple_uuid dependency.
- Fix issue with get_range & get_range_batch keeping all results when a block is given. Resolves Issue# 112.
v0.12.0 Changed thrift_client dependency to 0.7.0
- Fix get_range to invoke blocks
- Fix current distribution urls in Rakfile. Resolves Issue# 97.
- Fix login after reconnect
- Update thrift_client gem to deal with failover bug.
- Add counter support for Cassandra 0.8. (Thanks Swrve team!)
- Add additional rake tasks to start and stop cassandra in the background.
- Fix issue with non-utf8 column names not being encoded/decoded properly.
- Add way to specify a default read/write consistency.
- Consolidate 0.7 and 0.8 functions, and move 0.6 specific functions into lib/cassandra/0.6/
- Use 0.8-rc1 as 0.8 install target.
- Updated get_index_slices API to allow passing an array of hashes instead of IndexClause instance. (Maintains backward compatibility.)
- Fix permissions issue.
- Remove direct thrift dependency. Allow thrift_client to require it.
- Add functions for each and each_key to iterate through key ranges.
- Add function for get_range_keys which returns an array of keys in a given range.
- Changed the return value of get_range to an OrderedHash.
- Change get_range to accept both a range of keys and a range of columns.
- Add batched range support to get_range and add get_range_batch.
v0.10.0 Major Update (rjackson)
- Update Rakefile to install 0.6.13, 0.7.4, 0.8.0-beta1 to ~/cassandra/cassandra-VERSION
- Add data:load task to Rakefile for creating the schema required for the tests
- Default the Rakefile to use 0.8-beta1
- Setup test suite to work on 0.6.13, 0.7.4, and 0.8.0-beta1
- All tests pass for all supported (0.6.13, 0.7.4, 0.8.0-beta1) versions.
- Added Support for 0.8-beta1
- Changed get_index_slices to return a hash of rows
- Updated Cassandra::Mock to pass all tests for each Cassandra version
v0.9.2 fix bug with deletions in batch mutations
v0.9.1 Support for secondary indexing. (jhermes)
Fix bug in mock where we didn't support range queries. (therealadam)
Support deletes in batch mutations. [blanquer]
v0.9.0 cassandra 0.7 compat
v0.8.2 Renamed :thrift_client_class option, UUID fix, 0.6 update, fixing cassanda install, much Mock fixes
v0.8.1 Adding the ability to compose ThriftClient classes.
v0.8.0 Compatibility with Cassandra 0.6 betas (no longer compatible with 0.5); assorted bugfixes.
v0.7.6 Bugfixes.
v0.7.5 Another packaging error.
v0.7.4 Fix thrift_client dependency
v0.7.3 New Cassandra::Mock - a pure ruby mock of cassanra; bugfixes.
v0.7.2 Switch to newly-extraced simple_uuid gem, minor bugfixes.
v0.7.1 update thrift-generated code to 0.5
v0.7 Various improvements.
- Compatibility with Cassandra 0.5.
- performance improvements
v0.6. Use thrift_client gem.
v0.5.6.2. Release process was busted.
v0.5.6. Real multiget.
v0.5.5. to_guid for Long. Don't continually re-checkout the Git mirror. Use curl instead of wget, sigh. Use new unified insert API.
v0.5.4. Use wget instead of curl.
v0.5.3. Update Multiblog sample schema.
v0.5.2. Update server version so CommitLog replay is fixed.
v0.5.1. Add bin/cassandra_helper script, to build and start the server for you. Improve build error reporting.
v0.5. More API changes. Working temporal comparators.
v0.4. Use new comparator API. Namespace Thrift bindings; rename gem and class to Cassandra. Make tokens and limits actually work. Retry UnavailableExceptions.
v0.3. Use new Thrift API.
v0.2.2. Use nil for empty byte array, not empty string. Improves API.
v0.2.1. Don't write serialization overhead on nulls.
v0.2. Re-factor table vs. column family interface per discussion with jbellis.
v0.1. First release.