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A RubyGems plugin that stubs out the gem push command but still displays a simulated gem push output.


This Gem was created for use in screencast recording, so you can record the pushing of the same Gem and version through multiple takes without affecting the production server.


After installing the Gem, just use gem push like you normally would:

$ gem push my_fake_gem-1.0.4.gem

You'll then see output that mirrors what you would see during a real gem push without the Gem installed:

Pushing gem to
Successfully registered gem: my_fake_gem (1.0.4)

But the Gem won't actually be pushed up to the server.

Be sure to uninstall the Gem before trying to do an actual push.


Run the following command to install the Gem:

$ gem install ruby_gem_push

Or add the ruby_gem_push gem to your Gemfile:

gem 'ruby_gem_push'

Then run bundle install to install the gem.


Copyright © 2011 Tyler Hunt. See LICENSE for details.

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