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0.2.4 - November 11, 2010, and the previous unmentionable releases
* Added support for VerifySignature API, and signature version 2 (Peter Boling, Ben Mishkin, with help from many other forks)
* Added support for additional parameters used by FPS Marketplace to various APIs (Peter Boling)
* Added hundreds of rspec tests, and even a few integration tests (see (Peter Boling and others)
* Various documentation enhancements (John Joseph Bachir and Peter Boling)
* Added collect_email_address option to single use pipeline, an undocumented, but real, feature of FPS (John Joseph Bachir)
* Fixed recipient pipeline (Kyle Crum)
* Updated install_payment_instruction to new API (Jeff Seibert)
* Automatically handle snake-cased parameter names in Relax::Response (John Schult)
* Tests now all use mock XML of Amazons responses from new API, derived from Amazon's actual code sample (Peter Boling)
* Updated most Service APIs to the latest version of FPS, 2008-09-17 (Peter Boling, Jeff Whitmire)
* Refactor IpnRequest and PipelineResponse commonalities into InboundRequest class (Lance Ivy)
* Lots of work on lots of features in the parent forks from:
jagthedrummer, Kurt Mackey, Aaron Soules, Jeremy Green, Jon Moses, George Ogata, and of course Tyler Hunt
* Lots of logic and ideas were straight up stolen from the remit2 refactoring by Micah Wedemeyer
0.0.5 - January 11, 2010
* Added support to pipelines for shipping information (Jeff Seibert)
* Changed Date class comparison to improve compatibility (Kyle Crum)
* Fixed error parsing (Calvin Yu)
* Fixed refund response parsing (Hemant Khemani)
* Added CancelSubscriptionAndRefund operation (Micah Wedemeyer)
0.0.4 - April 27, 2009
* Fixed IPN request signing (David Balatero)
0.0.3 - April 27, 2009
* Specified required request parameters for all operations (Tyler Hunt)
* Updated IPN request to use the awsSignature (David Balatero)
* Added versioning support for CBUI pipelines (David Balatero)
0.0.2 - February 3, 2009
* Updated to Relax 0.0.6.
* Added support for CC Descriptor Text (Jon Crawford)
* Added support for Temporary Decline Policy (Jon Crawford)
* Changed Fixed Marketplace Fee to type Amount (Jon Crawford)
* Reorganized the specs and improved coverage (Lance Ivy)
* Refactored TransactionResponse to use generated methods (Lance Ivy)
* Added PipelineResponse and status code constants (Nathaniel Bibler)
* Added support for Marketplace fees in Pay request (Nathaniel Bibler)
* Updated TransactionResponse parsing to use REXML parser (Nathaniel Bibler)
0.0.1 - January 28, 2009
* First public release
* Support for recurring-use tokens in the pipeline (Micah Wedemeyer)
0.1.0 - October 14, 2010
* Updated various parts for marketplace compatiblity [Peter Boling]
* Added more rspec tests [Peter Boling, and many others]
* Switched to signature parameter from awsSignature [Peter Boling]
* Updated to latest API, 2008-09-17 [Peter Boling, and many others]
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