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Hypertable is a high performance distributed data storage system designed
to support applications requiring maximum performance, scalability,
and reliability. Modeled after Google's well known Bigtable project,
Hypertable is designed to manage the storage and processing of information
on a large cluster of commodity servers, providing resilience to machine
and component failures.
HyperRecord exists to integrate Hypertable with ActiveRecord (the Ruby on
Rails ORM) allowing objects to be stored in Hypertable while maintaining
as many of the built-in ORM features as possible.
1. Install HyperRecord gem (
gem install hyper_record
2. Configure Hypertable Adapter by adding an entry to config/database.yml
that points to an instance of the Hypertable Thrift Broker (uses port
38080 by default).
adapter: hypertable
host: localhost
port: 38080
NOTE: HyperRecord requires Thrift SVN revision 765279 or later.
3. Add the following to the bottom of config/environment.rb:
require 'hyper_record'
Copyright (c) 2010 tylerkovacs. See LICENSE for details.