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CV-style static site generator
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Material Resume

Material Resume is a material design static site generator that creates a resume-style webpage consisting of cards for different resume sections. You can see a demo of this page at the github pages branch or on my personal site.

Using the Generator

All of the content for the site is loaded from the JSON configuration files in the config directory. Use the Mono Social Icon Font icon names to create icons. If you need to edit the HTML, template.html contains the site template and layout.

Running ./ will generate the index webpage.


This software is licenced under the Mozilla Licence 2.0. There is also a small footer linking to this repository on the page, which shouldn't be removed.


While I wrote most of the HTML and CSS for this site while only using the material design documentation as reference, I did use Ruddy's StackOverflow Material Ripple as a basis for the ripple effect.

I also based the header design off of João Piedade's awesome site.

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