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A Chrome Extension that clicks every Facebook like button.
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Valley Girl

A chrome extension that likes everything.

###Like Functionality Valley Girl is a chrome extension which automatically clicks every Facebook like button everywhere on the web. What if you're like, reading a feed? You're liking every post and comment on the entire page. What if you're like, getting your daily fix of Total Sorority Move? You're liking every article, autonomously blasting your friends with like the worst of the web.

###Like Hiding the Evidence The extension that cleans up after itself: buttons are like greyed out, pop-ups are like removed, like counters are like decremented, "you like this" grammar is like corrected, and styling is like reverted.

Like Why?

Like why not?

###But Like, Really Why?? We didn't really make this with the expectation that like people would like willingly install this on their browser -- it's more of like a joke for like messing with your friends. If you can like actually find a legitimate use for this we'd love to hear it.

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