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Redux Thunk

Finding a way to “legitimize” this pattern of providing dispatch to a helper function, and help Redux “see” such asynchronous action creators as a special case of normal action creators rather than totally different functions.

In a gist, Redux Thunk teaches Redux to recognize special kinds of actions that are in fact functions.


  • Dispatching an asynchronous action (really, a series of actions) looks no different than dispatching a single action synchronously to the component.
  • We can use thunk action creators in any place where we would use regular action creators. For example, we can use them with connect().


  • It depends on third party middleware redux-thunk.
  • For some apps, you may find yourself in a situation where your asynchronous control flow requirements are too complex to be expressed with thunks.


You might want to look at more advanced asynchronous control flow solutions such as Redux Saga or Redux Loop. Evaluate them, compare the examples relevant to your needs, and pick the one you like the most.


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